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Gene Review

Gli1  -  GLI family zinc finger 1

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Gli1


High impact information on Gli1

  • Shh was similarly expressed in the floor plate of the mutant hindbrain, while the expressions of Ptc1, Gli1 and Gli2 were altered only in the progenitor domains for the motoneurones [2].
  • We tested the activity of the dopaminergic neuron differentiation factor sonic hedgehog, its downstream transcription factor target Gli-1, and an orphan nuclear receptor, Nurr-1, necessary for the induction of the dopaminergic phenotype of nigrostriatal neurons, in an in vivo model of nigrostriatal neurodegeneration [1].
  • Selective protection of nigrostriatal dopaminergic cell bodies by the differentiation factor ShhN and the transcription factor Gli-1 was achieved in a neurotoxic model that eliminates more than 70% of the nigral neurons under consideration [1].
  • Shh might exert its biological functions through binding to patched (Ptc) associated with smoothened (Smo), leading to downstream activation of target genes such as the transcription factor Gli1 [3].
  • When the functions of KATP channels were blocked with Gli 1 or 100 mumol.L-1, effects of Ade were characterized by vasoconstriction rather than vasorelaxation [4].

Anatomical context of Gli1

  • In the postnatal cerebellum, Shh expressed by Purkinje cells may act on its target receptor complex localized in the external germinative layer to activate Gli1 [5].


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