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Gene Review

Fhl3  -  four and a half LIM domains 3

Mus musculus

Synonyms: FHL-3, Four and a half LIM domains protein 3, SLIM-2, Skeletal muscle LIM-protein 2
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High impact information on Fhl3

  • However, in cardiac and skeletal muscles, FHL2 and FHL3, respectively, are colocalized with alpha(7)beta(1) integrin receptor at the periphery of Z-discs, suggesting a role in mechanical stabilization of muscle cells [1].

Biological context of Fhl3

  • FHL1 and FHL3 mRNAs were reciprocally expressed in the murine C2C12 skeletal muscle cell line and this suggested that the pattern of expression was linked to key events in myogenesis [2].


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