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Gene Review

unc-32  -  Protein UNC-32

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on unc-32

  • Furthermore, the vha-7 and unc-32 genes were also expressed in the uteri of hermaphrodites [1].
  • We show here that unc-32 corresponds to one of the four genes encoding a V-ATPase a subunit in the nematode, and we present their expression patterns and a molecular analysis of the gene family. unc-32 gives rise via alternative splicing to at least six transcripts [2].
  • In the uncoordinated alleles, the transcript unc-32 B is affected, suggesting that it encodes an isoform that is targeted to synaptic vesicles of cholinergic neurons, where it would control neurotransmitter uptake or release [2].


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