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Gene Review

bvgS  -  virulence sensor protein

Bordetella bronchiseptica RB50

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Disease relevance of bvgS

  • We characterized a third state, the intermediate (Bvg(i)) phase, which can be induced by introducing a 1-bp substitution into bvgS (the bvgS-I1 mutation) or by growing B. pertussis under conditions intermediate between those leading to the Bvg(+) and Bvg(-) phases [1].

High impact information on bvgS

  • Wild-type B. bronchiseptica 5376 attached very efficiently to dendritic cells, whereas the bvg mutant ATCC 10580, wild-type strain BB7865, and its spontaneous delta bvgS mutant BB7866 bound less efficiently [2].
  • Wild-type (Bvg+) strains are motile and produce peritrichous flagella only in the presence of modulating signals, whereas Bvg- (delta bvgAS or delta bvgS) strains are motile in the absence of modulators [3].


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