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Invasion and intracellular survival of Bordetella bronchiseptica in mouse dendritic cells.

We have studied the interaction between the respiratory pathogen Bordetella bronchiseptica and murine spleen dendritic cells, important antigen-presenting cells that are found in the airway epithelium. Wild-type B. bronchiseptica 5376 attached very efficiently to dendritic cells, whereas the bvg mutant ATCC 10580, wild-type strain BB7865, and its spontaneous delta bvgS mutant BB7866 bound less efficiently. However, all tested B. bronchiseptica strains were able to invade dendritic cells and survive intracellularly for at least 72 h. These results suggest that bvg-independent or bvg-downregulated products are involved in the uptake and intracellular survival. Transmission electron microscopic analysis revealed that bacteria grew and replicated intracellularly and were present in typical phagosomes, which fused with lysosomes during the initial infection period. However, in later infection stages some bacteria seemed to escape into an unfused endocytic compartment, where individual bacteria were tightly surrounded by a membrane. The in vitro interaction of B. bronchiseptica with dendritic cells reported here may be relevant to natural infections caused by this organism that lead to chronicity or an altered immune response.[1]


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