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Gene Review

fim2  -  serotype 2 fimbrial subunit

Bordetella pertussis Tohama I

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Disease relevance of fim2

  • Cloning of a novel pilin-like gene from Bordetella pertussis: homology to the fim2 gene [1].
  • By following CAT activity in Bordetella bronchiseptica vir+ and vir- strains we established that the fimX promoter, like those for fim2 and fim3, is active, although at a low level, and vir-regulated [2].

High impact information on fim2


Biological context of fim2

  • In this communication we present the cloning and nucleotide sequence of the fimX gene and its homology to the fim2 gene [1].
  • Comparison of the putative promoter regions of the fim2 and fim3 genes revealed a conserved region containing a stretch of approximately 13 C's. This region may be involved in fimbrial phase variation [6].


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