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Gene Review

pcaB  -  3-carboxy-cis,cis-muconate cycloisomerase

Acinetobacter sp. ADP1

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Disease relevance of pcaB

  • By monitoring loss of the marker in pcaB, it was possible to determine that the formation of deletions was minimal compared to results obtained with Acinetobacter sp. Thus, the tricarboxylic acid trick in and of itself does not appear to select for large deletion mutations [1].

High impact information on pcaB

  • Furthermore, 4-hydroxybenzoate and protocatechuate became toxic for the pcaB mutant, indicating that hydroxyaromatics catabolism serves both nutritional and detoxifying purposes [2].
  • A pcaB deletion mutant constructed by marker exchange mutagenesis lost the ability to use 4-hydroxybenzoate or protocatechuate as the only carbon source, demonstrating functionality of the characterized genes in catabolism of hydroxyaromatics by B. japonicum [2].


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