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Gene Review

Cradd  -  CASP2 and RIPK1 domain containing adaptor...

Rattus norvegicus

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High impact information on Cradd_predicted

  • We have shown that overexpression of the caspase 2-binding protein RAIDD induces neuronal apoptosis, acting synergistically with trophic deprivation [1].
  • This is the first demonstration of the involvement of RAIDD in apoptosis, and provides further support for the idea that apoptotic pathways in the same system may differ depending on the initiating stimulus [1].
  • Currently, we examine the role of endogenous RAIDD in apoptosis of PC12 cells and sympathetic neurons [1].

Biological context of Cradd_predicted

  • Therefore, RAIDD aggregation is important for its death-promoting effects and may play a role in trophic factor withdrawal-induced neuronal apoptosis [2].
  • Furthermore, downregulation of RAIDD by small interfering RNA led to inhibition of trophic deprivation-induced death, whereas death induced by DNA damage, which is not caspase 2-mediated, was not inhibited [1].

Anatomical context of Cradd_predicted


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  2. RAIDD aggregation facilitates apoptotic death of PC12 cells and sympathetic neurons. Jabado, O., Wang, Q., Rideout, H.J., Yeasmin, M., Guo, K.X., Vekrellis, K., Papantonis, S., Angelastro, J.M., Troy, C.M., Stefanis, L. Cell Death Differ. (2004) [Pubmed]
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