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Gene Review

fgf24  -  fibroblast growth factor 24

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SI:zC207O21.2, SO:0000704, lbx1h, si:zc207o21.1
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High impact information on fgf24


Anatomical context of fgf24

  • We found that inhibiting fgf24 function alone has no affect on the formation of posterior mesoderm [1].


Evolutionary origin

Phylogenetic analysis of fgf24 suggests it belongs to the Fgf8/17/18 family of genes that diversified through duplication in the vertebrate lineage. fgf24 has only been identified so far in teleost fish. However, comparative genomics suggests that, rather being a fish specific duplication, fgf24 is an ohnolog (one of the paralogs produced via whole genome duplication) lost from other vertebrate genomes [3]


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