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Gene Review

PHOX2B  -  paired-like homeobox 2b

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of PHOX2B

  • The expression of Mash1 (Cash1), Phox2b and Phox2a in the chick ciliary ganglion is followed by the sequential expression of panneuronal, noradrenergic and cholinergic marker genes [1].

High impact information on PHOX2B

  • We further show that both the PH and P/M sites are essential for Hox-Pbx-Prep ternary complex formation and regulation of the Phox2b enhancer activity in ventral r4 [2].
  • In contrast, Phox2b coordinates generic and noradrenergic gene expression, recruiting Mash1/Cash1, which may have a major function in the control of pan-neuronal gene expression during noradrenergic neuron development [3].
  • Here, we demonstrate that the Phox2b-induced generation of ectopic noradrenergic neurons in chick peripheral nerve involves the induction of Cash1, the chick homolog of Mash1 [3].


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