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Gene Review

HOXD12  -  homeobox D12

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on HOXD12

  • The expression of Hoxd-12, Hoxd-13 and Hoxa-13 genes was maintained in the recombinants, indicating that these cells carry information about their autopodial origin, and this correlates well with their distal restricted morphogenetic potential [1].
  • Prior to inducing extra digit formation, the cartilaginous grafts induced Hoxd-12 and Hoxd-13 gene expression in adjacent competent mesenchymal tissue [2].
  • When a mouse zone of polarizing activity (ZPA) at the posterior margin of the limb bud was grafted at the anterior margin of the chick limb bud, we found that expression of the chick homeobox genes, Chox-4.7 and -4.8, was induced prior to the formation of chick extra digits [3].


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