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Gene Review

pitx  -  paired superclass homeobox transcription...

Ciona intestinalis

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High impact information on pitx

  • Accordingly, a prominent conserved feature of pitx genes in chordates is their early expression in the anterior neural boundary (ANB) and oral ectoderm, also known as the stomodaeum [1].
  • Pituitary homeobox (pitx) genes have been identified in vertebrates as critical molecular determinants of various craniofacial ontogenetic processes including pituitary organogenesis [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pitx

  • We next combined phylogenetic footprinting, transient transgenesis, and confocal imaging methods to study the Ci-pitx cis-regulatory system, with special emphasis on the regulation of isoform-specific ANB/stomodaeal expression [1].


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