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Gene Transfer Techniques

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Disease relevance of Gene Transfer Techniques


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High impact information on Gene Transfer Techniques

  • Using lentiviral transgenesis, we generated NOD mice in which Slc11a1 is silenced by RNAi [7].
  • There is compelling evidence from mutation analysis and transgenesis that the SRY gene isolated from human and mouse encodes the testis-determining factor on the mammalian Y chromosome [8].
  • Here we show, using gene-transfer techniques, that beclin 1 promotes autophagy in autophagy-defective yeast with a targeted disruption of agp6/vps30, and in human MCF7 breast carcinoma cells [9].
  • When glut2 was expressed by transgenesis in glial cells but not in neurons of ripglut1;glut2-/- mice, stimulated glucagon secretion was restored as was c-Fos-like immunoreactive labeling in the brainstem [10].
  • Yeast artificial chromosome-based transgenesis was used to overexpress a disease-associated mutant form of human fibrillin-1 (C1663R) on a normal mouse background [11].

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Gene context of Gene Transfer Techniques

  • We next combined phylogenetic footprinting, transient transgenesis, and confocal imaging methods to study the Ci-pitx cis-regulatory system, with special emphasis on the regulation of isoform-specific ANB/stomodaeal expression [27].
  • Functional rescue of the glomerulosclerosis phenotype in Mpv17 mice by transgenesis with the human Mpv17 homologue [28].
  • Human and mouse ABCA1 comparative sequencing and transgenesis studies revealing novel regulatory sequences [29].
  • We have used BAC transgenesis in the mouse to begin to delineate the region of DNA required for proper expression and imprinting of the mouse Delta-like1 (Dlk1) and Gene-trap locus2 (Gtl2) imprinted genes [30].
  • The authors also discuss the further testing of one candidate, the phospholipase gene Pla2g2a, by transgenesis [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gene Transfer Techniques


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