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Gene Review

ECF18R  -  Small intestinal Escherichia coli F18...

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of ECF18R

  • Analysis of these mutations in 34 Swiss Landrace families with 221 progeny showed close linkage with the locus controlling resistance and susceptibility to E. coli F18 adhesion and colonization in the small intestine (ECF18R), and with the locus of the blood group inhibitor S [1].

High impact information on ECF18R

  • A high linkage disequilibrium of M307-ECF18R in Large White pigs makes the M307 mutation a good marker for marker-assisted selection of E. coli F18 adhesion-resistant animals in this breed [1].
  • The Escherichia coli F18 receptor locus (ECF18R) has been genetically mapped to the halothane linkage group on porcine Chromosome (Chr) 6 [1].
  • The chi 2 value of ECF18R genotype distribution at the Hin6I-RFLP site in different pigs indicated that ECF18R genotype distribution of every exotic pig breed had significant or highly significant differences with three native pig breeds'. The ECF18R genotype distribution of three native pig breeds was the same completely [2].
  • The results indicated that if M307G-A point mutation in the coding region of FUT1 gene was the key factor determining the expression of the ECF18 receptor, most of Chinese native pig breeds were absent of the genetic background on the resistance to ECF18 bacteria [3].

Biological context of ECF18R

  • The others had no difference except that Landrace ECF18R genotype distribution had significant differences with Duroc's in the exotic breeds of pig [2].


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