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Gene Review

DBR1  -  debranching RNA lariats 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Lariat debranching enzyme
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Disease relevance of DBR1


High impact information on DBR1

  • In this work we report on a Dbr1p-dependent RNA decay pathway that limits the accumulation of splice-defective lariat intermediates stalled at the second step of splicing [2].
  • In this pathway, splice-defective lariat intermediates are debranched by Dbr1p and subsequently degraded 5' to 3' primarily by the cytoplasmic exonuclease, Xrn1p [2].
  • Frequency of TD was analyzed according to patients' sex, therapy scheme, HCV genotype and HLA DBR1 alleles [3].
  • Integration of the cDNA for hDBR1 into the ura4 locus of S. pombe also complemented both the intron accumulation and slow growth phenotypes of a S. pombe dbr1 null mutant strain [1].
  • Comparison of the amino acid sequence of hDBR1 with the other DBR protein sequences showed several conserved regions, with 40, 44 and 43% identity to the S. cerevisiae, S. pombe and C. elegans debranching enzymes, respectively [1].


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