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Gene Review

ZC3HC1  -  zinc finger, C3HC-type containing 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HSPC216, NIPA, Nuclear-interacting partner of ALK, Nuclear-interacting partner of anaplastic lymphoma kinase, Zinc finger C3HC-type protein 1, ...
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High impact information on ZC3HC1

  • In NPM-ALK-transformed Ba/F3 cells, apoptosis triggered by wortmannin treatment was enhanced by overexpression of putative dominant-negative NIPA mutants [1].
  • Overexpression of NIPA in Ba/F3 cells was able to protect from apoptosis induced by IL-3 withdrawal [1].
  • Mutations of the nuclear translocation signal or the Ser-354 phosphorylation site impaired the antiapoptotic function of NIPA [1].
  • As the rise in temperature causes a decrease in the water content of the NIPA gel particles, the gel particles becomes stickier on the cavity wall of polystyrene PPM [2].
  • Phenotypic analysis revealed no selective increase in the number of CD3-CD8dim cells (thought to be a NK-like regulator cell) and the number of CD4+CD25+CD152+ cells (naturally occurring regulatory T cells) after stimulation with NIMA-expressing cells when compared with NIPA-expressing cells [3].

Biological context of ZC3HC1

  • We analyzed the in vitro T cell reactivity of healthy individuals toward their parents and/or siblings expressing the NIMA or NIPA haplotype to explore whether the alloimmune response to NIMA has distinct characteristics compared with NIPA [3].


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