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Gene Review

SIRPG  -  signal-regulatory protein gamma

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CD172 antigen-like family member B, CD172g, SIRP-B2, SIRP-b2, SIRP-beta-2, ...
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High impact information on SIRPG

  • Our analysis reveals SIRPs as a diverse multigene family of immune receptors, which includes inhibitory SIRPalpha, activating SIRPbeta, nonsignaling SIRPgamma, and soluble SIRPdelta members [1].
  • The SIRPgamma-CD47 interaction may therefore not be capable of bidirectional signaling as with the SIRPalpha-CD47, but, instead, use unidirectional signaling via CD47 only [2].
  • DAP12 coexpression is a requirement for SIRPbeta surface expression, whereas SIRPgamma is expressed in its absence [2].

Associations of SIRPG with chemical compounds

  • The short cytoplasmic tail of SIRPgamma does not contain any known signaling motifs, nor does it contain a characteristic lysine, as with SIRPbeta, that is required for DAP12 interaction [2].

Regulatory relationships of SIRPG

  • We show that this third SIRP is a separate gene that is expressed as a protein with unique characteristics from both alpha and beta genes and suggest that this gene should be termed SIRPgamma [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SIRPG


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