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Gene Review

PVT1  -  Pvt1 oncogene (non-protein coding)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: LINC00079, NCRNA00079
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Disease relevance of PVT1

  • Together, these results suggest that PVT1 may contribute to ESRD susceptibility in diabetes [1].
  • These SNPs were genotyped in individuals comprising each pool, and strong evidence for association was found with rs2720709 (P = 0.000021; odds ratio 2.57 [95% CI 1.66-3.96]), which is located in the plasmacytoma variant translocation gene PVT1 [1].
  • Small interfering RNA-mediated reduction in either PVT1 or MYC expression inhibited proliferation in breast and ovarian cancer cell lines in which they were both amplified and overexpressed but not in lines in which they were not amplified/overexpressed [2].

High impact information on PVT1

  • The strongest evidence for association was found for rs2648875 (P = 0.0000018; 2.97 [1.90-4.65]), which maps to intron 8 of PVT1 [1].
  • We sequenced all exons, exon-intron boundaries, and the promoter of PVT1 and identified 47 variants, 11 of which represented nonredundant markers with minor allele frequency >/=0.05 [1].
  • Simultaneous detection of MYC, BVR1, and PVT1 translocations in lymphoid malignancies by fluorescence in situ hybridization [3].
  • There are three phosphopeptides in the yolk: phosvitin (PV, 37.4 kDa) and phosvettes 1 (PVT1, 27.7 kDa) and 2 (PVT2, 26.1 kDa) [4].

Biological context of PVT1


Other interactions of PVT1

  • We show that these chromosomal breakpoints generally fall within a region of about 300 kb 3' of MYC and that at least 8 out of 11 affect the previously characterized transcriptional unit PVT1 [5].


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