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Gene Review

CSNK2B  -  casein kinase 2, beta polypeptide

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CK II beta, CK2B, CK2N, CSK2B, Casein kinase II subunit beta, ...
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Disease relevance of CSNK2B

  • The greatest rates of phosphorylation were obtained with acidic phosphoprotein substrates such as casein or phosvitin, although potential physiological substrates for this activity included specific virion polypeptides of frog virus [1].
  • Furthermore, when immature core subparticles which are enriched in Pr65gag are prepared from virions by Sepharose 6B exclusion column chromatography, about 50% of the kinase activity (as assayed with the exogenous substrate phosvitin) remains associated with the cores [2].
  • We have found that in the presence of ATP and Mg2+, exogenously added substrates such as phosvitin and poly(Glu4-Tyr) are phosphorylated by intact K562 erythroleukemia, HL60 promyelocytic leukemia, and U937 histiocytic leukemia human cells [3].
  • The enzyme, which uses both ATP and GTP as phosphoryl donors, catalyzes the phosphorylation of casein, phosvitin and E. coli RNA polymerase, but not of histone proteins [4].
  • Establishment of human glioblastoma multiforme cell line, G5A [5].

High impact information on CSNK2B

  • Fibrous apatite has been grown by the enzymatic hydrolysis of calcium beta-glycerophosphate on reconstituted calfskin collagen tapes which had been modified by the addition of a phosphoprotein, phosvitin, in the presence of a cross-linking agent, dimethylsuberimidate [6].
  • The enzyme did not nucleotidylylate common casein kinase II substrates (casein, phosvitin) and the reaction was inhibited by heparin [7].
  • The best available substrate for polypeptide-dependent protein kinase was beta-casein, and little or no phosphorylation was observed with alpha-casein, kappa-casein, phosvitin, alpha-lactalbumin, alpha-lactoglobulin, and histone [8].
  • Cultured cells of different origin (rat liver, mouse cerebellum, and human lung) exhibited phosvitin-induced protein kinase release from intact cells [9].
  • Chromatin-associated protein kinases active towards phosvitin, lysine-rich histone, and endogenous nonhistone proteins were characterized in human prostatic nuclei [10].

Biological context of CSNK2B


Anatomical context of CSNK2B


Associations of CSNK2B with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of CSNK2B


Enzymatic interactions of CSNK2B

  • One abundant ecto-PK component is believed to be a protein kinase CKII since it phosphorylates phosvitin and casein, is sensitive to heparin at low concentrations, and can use both ATP and GTP as cosubstrate [20].
  • Tightly adsorbed fractions possessed high troponin T kinase and phosvitin kinase activities and phosphorylated only serine-1 of troponin T. The results suggest that standard preparations of phosphorylase kinase are contaminated by troponin T kinase, which can phosphorylate serine-1 of troponin T [25].

Other interactions of CSNK2B

  • Partial cDNA and complete exonic genomic sequencing of one of the new genes has identified it as the casein kinase II beta subunit (CSNK2B) [11].
  • Thus, a three-component band fitting is used to characterize the Raman amide I band of alpha-synuclein, phosvitin, alpha-casein, beta-casein, and the non-A beta component (NAC) of Alzheimer's plaque [26].
  • There are three phosphopeptides in the yolk: phosvitin (PV, 37.4 kDa) and phosvettes 1 (PVT1, 27.7 kDa) and 2 (PVT2, 26.1 kDa) [27].
  • The amount of histatin 5 adsorbed was also found to increase as a function of the amount of phosvitin and statherin used to pre-coat HA up to a maximum level that was two- to four-fold greater than that observed on untreated HA [28].
  • The A-431 membrane preparation also was capable of phosphorylating exogenous proteins, such as histone, phosvitin, and ribonuclease, by a process which was stimulated by EGF [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CSNK2B


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