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Gene Review

REG1B  -  regenerating islet-derived 1 beta

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Lithostathine-1-beta, PSP-2, PSPS2, Pancreatic stone protein 2, REG-1-beta, ...
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High impact information on REG1B

  • The means method given in Regh & Leigh (Am. J. phys. Anthrop.110, 95-104, 1999) was followed for evaluating the potential of correct sex attribution for each variable.On average, the mandibles from the Atapuerca-SH site present a degree of sexual dimorphism about eight points higher than in H. sapiens samples [1].
  • We have determined the nucleotide sequence of regl a human genomic DNA fragment homologous to the reg gene which is expressed in the exocrine pancreas and regenerating islets [2].
  • Based on this assumption, specific oligonucleotides for regl exons were used to demonstrate expression of the regl gene in pancreas and liver [2].


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