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Gene Review

NCAPG  -  non-SMC condensin I complex, subunit G

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CAP-G, CAPG, CHCG, Chromosome-associated protein G, Condensin complex subunit 3, ...
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Disease relevance of NCAPG

  • In the present study, a melanoma library was screened by SEREX (serological analysis of cDNA expression libraries), and 43 genes were isolated, 2 of which, NY-MEL-1 and NY-MEL-3, encode novel gene products with differential tissue expression [1].

High impact information on NCAPG

  • Analysis of hCAP-G mRNA expression showed highest expression in the testis among normal tissues and variable expression in tumor cells, reflecting the proliferative activity in these cells [1].
  • The second novel gene isolated, NY-MEL-3, encodes a mitotic protein highly homologous to the Xenopus chromosome condensation protein XCAP-G, designated hCAP-G [1].


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