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Gene Review

WDR77  -  WD repeat domain 77

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Androgen receptor cofactor p44, HKMT1069, MEP-50, MEP50, Methylosome protein 50, ...
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High impact information on WDR77

  • PRMT5 and its cofactor MEP50 were identified as specific MBD2/NuRD interactors [1].
  • As the PMRT5/MEP50 complex is involved in ribonucleoprotein complex assembly, we hypothesize that the Vls complex may play a similar function in assembling the nuage in nurse cells and the polar granules in the oocyte [2].
  • We show that MEP50 is important for methylosome activity and binds to JBP1 and to a subset of Sm proteins [3].
  • Here, we describe a novel component of the methylosome, a 50-kilodalton WD repeat protein termed methylosome protein 50 (MEP50) [3].

Other interactions of WDR77

  • Because WD repeat proteins provide a platform for multiple protein interactions, MEP50 may function to mediate the interaction of multiple substrates with the methylosome [3].


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