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Gene Review

WDR1  -  WD repeat domain 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AIP1, Actin-interacting protein 1, HEL-S-52, NORI-1, WD repeat-containing protein 1
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Disease relevance of WDR1


Psychiatry related information on WDR1

  • Badia-Elder; (3) The gut peptide cholecystokinin controls alcohol intake in Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats, by Nori Geary and Maurizio Massi; and (4) Hypothalamic galanin: a possible role in excess alcohol drinking, by Sarah F [6].

High impact information on WDR1


Chemical compound and disease context of WDR1

  • The rats were fed with 4 g of the control diet or 4 g of the nori diet containing a standard dioxin solution (233 ngTEQ/kg of body weight) for five consecutive days [12].

Biological context of WDR1


Anatomical context of WDR1


Associations of WDR1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of WDR1


Regulatory relationships of WDR1


Other interactions of WDR1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of WDR1


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