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Gene Review

GEMIN6  -  gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 6

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ23459, Gem-associated protein 6, Gemin-6, SIP2
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High impact information on GEMIN6

  • These findings demonstrate that other components of the SMN complex, in addition to SMN, are critical for the activity of the complex and suggest that Gemin2 and Gemin6 are potentially important modifiers of SMA as well as potential disease genes for non-SMN motor neuron diseases [1].
  • Moreover, reduction of Gemin2 or Gemin6 strongly decreases the activity of the SMN complex [1].
  • Gemin8 binds directly to SMN and mediates its interaction with the Gemin6/Gemin7 heterodimer [2].
  • Binding experiments show that Gemin7 interacts directly with SMN and Gemin6 and mediates the association of Gemin6 with the SMN complex [3].
  • Gemin 6 and 7 lend a hand to snRNP assembly [4].

Anatomical context of GEMIN6


Other interactions of GEMIN6

  • SMN associates with several proteins (Gemin2 to Gemin6) to form a large complex which is found both in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GEMIN6

  • Co-immunoprecipitation, immunolocalization, and in vitro binding experiments demonstrate that Gemin6 is a component of the SMN complex that localizes to gems and interacts with several Sm proteins of the spliceosomal snRNPs [7].


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