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Gene Review

PIL5  -  transcription factor PIF1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: PHY-INTERACTING FACTOR 1, PIF1, T2G17.2, T2G17_2, phytochrome interacting factor 3-like 5
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High impact information on PIL5

  • CONCLUSIONS: We conclude that SPT and PIL5 form part of a regulatory network coupling seed germination and GA3ox expression to light and temperature signaling in the seed [1].
  • Expression analysis revealed that PIL5 repressed the expression of GA biosynthetic genes (GA3ox1 and GA3ox2), and activated the expression of a GA catabolic gene (GA2ox) in both PHYA- and PHYB-dependent germination assays [2].
  • Consistent with these gene-expression patterns, the amount of bioactive GA was higher in the pil5 mutant and lower in the PIL5 overexpression line [2].

Physical interactions of PIL5

  • PIL5 binds directly to GAI and RGA promoters but not to GA and ABA metabolic gene promoters [3].


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