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Gene Review

SPIK  -  potassium channel AKT6

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AKT6, F3N11.5, F3N11_5, Shaker pollen inward K+ channel
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High impact information on SPIK

  • Disruption (T-DNA insertion) of the SPIK coding sequence strongly affected inwardly rectifying K(+)-channel activity in the pollen-grain plasma membrane [1].
  • When SPIK was heterologously expressed in COS cells, its product formed hyperpolarization-activated K(+) channels [1].
  • Measurements of membrane potential in growing pollen tubes yielded data compatible with a contribution of SPIK to K(+) influx [1].
  • Recent genetic studies based on a few transporters, including plasma membrane H+ pump AHA3, Ca2+ pump ACA9, and K+ channel SPIK, further support the expression patterns and the inferred functions revealed by our analyses [2].


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