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Gene Review


Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of GUN4

  • Here we report a 1.78-A resolution crystal structure of Synechocystis GUN4, in which the porphyrin-binding domain adopts a unique three dimensional fold with a "cupped hand" shape [1].

High impact information on GUN4

  • There is a reduction of chlorophyll accumulation in gun4 and gun5 mutant plants, and a gun4gun5 double mutant shows an albino phenotype [2].
  • GUN5 is the ChlH subunit of Mg-chelatase, which produces Mg-Proto, and GUN4 is a regulator of ChlH activity (2) [3].
  • Ycf53 is a hypothetical chloroplast open reading frame with similarity to the Arabidopsis nuclear gene GUN4 [4].
  • Accumulation of magnesium-protoporphyrin IX (Mg-Proto), an intermediate in chlorophyll biosynthesis, is a plastid signal that represses nuclear transcription through a signaling pathway that, in Arabidopsis, requires the GUN4 gene [5].


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