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Gene Review

TOM2A  -  tobamovirus multiplication 2A protein

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F5D14.17, F5D14_17, tobamovirus multiplication 2A
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Disease relevance of TOM2A

  • The data presented here suggest that TOM2A is also an integral part of the tobamovirus replication complex [1].

High impact information on TOM2A

  • The split-ubiquitin assay demonstrated an interaction of TOM2A both with itself and with TOM1, an integral membrane protein of A.thaliana presumed to be an essential constituent of tobamovirus replication complex [1].
  • TOM2A encodes a 280 amino acid putative four-pass transmembrane protein with a C-terminal farnesylation signal, while TOM2B encodes a 122 amino acid basic protein [1].

Anatomical context of TOM2A

  • These observations suggest that the formation of tobamoviral RNA replication complex occurs on TOM1-containing membranes and is facilitated by TOM2A [2].


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