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Gene Review

TOM1  -  tobamovirus multiplication protein 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATTOM1, F17L22.250, F17L22_250, tobamovirus multiplication 1
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Disease relevance of TOM1


High impact information on TOM1

  • These observations suggest that the formation of tobamoviral RNA replication complex occurs on TOM1-containing membranes and is facilitated by TOM2A [1].
  • Positional cloning showed that TOM3 was one of two TOM1-like genes in Arabidopsis [3].
  • In this report, we subjected one of the tom1 mutants (tom1-1) to another round of mutagenesis and isolated a new mutant which did not permit a detectable level of tobamovirus multiplication [3].
  • Involvement of THH1, an Arabidopsis thaliana homologue of the TOM1 gene, in tobamovirus multiplication [4].
  • The phenotype of the mutant, YS241, was controlled primarily by a single nuclear recessive mutation named tom2-1, which was distinct from tom1, a separate mutation which also affects TMV-Cg multiplication [5].

Biological context of TOM1


Other interactions of TOM1


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