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Gene Review

SPA4  -  SPA1-related 4 protein

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F8L10.5, F8L10_5, SPA1-related 4
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High impact information on SPA4

  • SUPPRESSOR OF PHYTOCHROME A-105 family proteins (SPA1 to SPA4) that are required for COP1 function in dark and visible light are not essential in the response to UV-B [1].
  • Mutations in SPA1 cause phyA-independent early flowering under short day (SD) but not long day (LD) conditions, and this phenotype is enhanced by additional loss of SPA3 and SPA4 function [2].
  • Levels of SPA1, SPA3 and SPA4 transcript are increased by red, far-red and blue light, consistent with a role of these three SPA genes in light-grown seedlings [3].

Biological context of SPA4

  • Taken together, the analysis of SPA transcript levels suggests that differences in SPA gene expression patterns contribute to divergence in SPA1-SPA4 function [3].

Other interactions of SPA4

  • Here, we investigate the functions of SPA3 and SPA4, two very closely related genes coding for proteins with 74% identical amino acids [4].


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