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Gene Review

NIFK  -  nucleolar protein interacting with the FHA...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MKI67 FHA domain-interacting nucleolar phosphoprotein, MKI67IP, NOPP34, Nopp34, Nucleolar phosphoprotein Nopp34, ...
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High impact information on MKI67IP

  • In addition, a moiety of hNIFK was co-localized with pKi-67 at the peripheral region of mitotic chromosomes [1].
  • In a binding assay utilizing Xenopus egg extracts, it was found that the mitosis-specific environment and two threonine residues within this portion of hNIFK (Thr-234 and Thr-238) were crucial for the efficient interaction of hNIFK and Ki-FHA, suggesting that hNIFK interacts with Ki-FHA in a mitosis-specific and phosphorylation-dependent manner [1].
  • Structure of human Ki67 FHA domain and its binding to a phosphoprotein fragment from hNIFK reveal unique recognition sites and new views to the structural basis of FHA domain functions [2].

Associations of MKI67IP with chemical compounds

  • The pThr site of hNIFK recognized by Ki67 FHA is pThr234-Pro235, a motif also recognized by the proline isomerase Pin1 [2].

Other interactions of MKI67IP

  • Using fragments of its binding partner hNIFK, we show that Ki67-hNIFK binding involves ca 44 residues without a pTXX(D/I/L) motif [2].


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