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Gene Review

HTA2  -  histone H2A

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: H2A2, Histone H2A.2, YBL003C, YBL0103
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High impact information on HTA2

  • Using these mutant (hta1- and hta2-) strains we find that neither H2A gene has a unique essential function during any phase of the yeast life cycle, although strains homozygous for hta1- grow more slowly [1].
  • In this case, HTA2-HTB2 amplifies via creation of a new, small, circular chromosome [2].

Biological context of HTA2

  • In this report, we demonstrate that either the HTA1 gene or the HTA2 gene, encoding the major H2As, can be completely replaced by disrupted genes in the polyploid, transcriptionally active macronucleus, indicating that neither of the two genes is essential [3].


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