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Gene Review

COL27A1  -  collagen, type XXVII, alpha 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Collagen alpha-1(XXVII) chain, FLJ11895, KIAA1870, MGC11337
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High impact information on COL27A1

  • The new collagen gene COL27A1 contains SOX9-responsive enhancer elements [1].
  • The first intron of COL27A1 was examined to identify sites with homology to the Sox consensus sequence (A)/(T)(A)/(T)CAA(A)/(T)G [1].
  • Phylogenetic analyses indicated that COL27A1 forms a clade with COL24A1 that is distinct from the two known lineages of fibrillar collagens [2].
  • It is likely that the major protein product of COL27A1, proalpha1(XXVII), is a component of the extracellular matrices of cartilage and these other tissues [2].
  • This gene, designated COL27A1, is approximately 156 kbp long and has 61 exons located on chromosome 9q32-33 [2].

Biological context of COL27A1

  • In summary, these results suggest that SOX9 may play an important role in the transcriptional activation of the newest collagen gene, COL27A1 [1].
  • The present study was undertaken to identify transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that govern the expression of COL27A1 in cartilage, and in particular to determine whether SOX9, a key regulator of chondrogenesis, could activate COL27A1 [1].


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