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Gene Review

GOS1  -  Gos1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Golgi SNAP receptor complex member 1, Golgi SNARE protein 1, Protein transport protein GOS1, YHL031C
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High impact information on GOS1

  • Localization of VFT to the Golgi requires Ypt6p, but is unaffected in gos1 and tlg1 mutants, in which late Golgi integral membrane proteins, including SNAREs, are mislocalized [1].
  • Assembly of the ER to Golgi SNARE complex requires Uso1p [2].
  • Multicopy plasmids expressing v-SNAREs Gos1p or Ykt6p, but not other v- and t-SNAREs, partially suppressed phenotypes of ric1Delta and ypt6Delta cells [3].
  • Binding of Sly1 to Sed5 enhances formation of the yeast early Golgi SNARE complex [4].
  • Deletion of GOS1 results in viable haploids with modest growth and secretory defects [5].

Biological context of GOS1

  • Close examination of the secretory phenotype of GOS1-disrupted cells suggests that Gos1p may play a role in multiple transport steps, specifically ER-Golgi and/or intra-Golgi transport [5].


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