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Gene Review

SPG9  -  spastic paraplegia 9 (autosomal dominant)

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of SPG9


High impact information on SPG9

  • In this study, we performed linkage analysis on an autosomal recessive pure HSP family and mapped the disease to chromosome 10q22.1-10q24.1, a locus partially overlapping the existing SPG9 locus [2].
  • Finally, analysis of a muscle biopsy specimen from one patient was normal, suggesting that, contrary to SPG7, mitochondrial disturbance could not be a primary feature of SPG9 [3].
  • We typed individuals from this British family using markers located in the SPG9 critical interval and haplotype reconstruction showed the disorder co-segregating with SPG9 [3].
  • To characterise the SPG9 region better, we constructed a contig of 22 YACs, assigned it to 18 polymorphic markers and positioned 54 ESTs [3].

Other interactions of SPG9

  • In particular, a gene for partial epilepsy has been assigned to a 3 cM interval between markers D10S185 and D10S577, which is completely included in the SPG9 critical region [1].


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