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Gene Review

TIMD4  -  T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: SMUCKLER, T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-containing protein 4, T-cell immunoglobulin mucin receptor 4, T-cell membrane protein 4, TIM-4, ...
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Disease relevance of TIMD4

  • In vivo, Nanotiv was compared with Preconativ and Immunine with Prothromplex TIM4 in crossover studies in patients with severe hemophilia B, and Mononine was tested in a single drug study [1].

High impact information on TIMD4

  • The purified factor IX concentrates Nanotiv (Kabi Pharmacia), Immunine (Immuno), Factor IX VHP (Bio-transfusion), Alphanine (Alpha) and Mononine (Armour) have been studied in vitro and compared with the prothrombin complex concentrates (PCCs) Preconativ (Kabi Pharmacia) and Prothromplex TIM4 (Immuno) [1].
  • Conclusions: In addition to confirming the importance of genetic variation in TIM-1, our results also suggest that genetic variants in the ligand for TIM-1, TIM-4, also contribute to the presentation of AD and related disorders [2].
  • We also found a novel association between AD and the major haplotype of TIM-4 (p = 0.016) [2].


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