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Variation (Genetics)

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  • These data suggest a continuum of resistance conferred by NK cell inhibition to susceptibility involving NK cell activation in the development of cervical neoplasia and underscore the pervasive influence of KIR/HLA genetic variation in human disease pathogenesis [25].
  • Substantially less genetic variation has been recognized in studies of the proteins of nucleated cells by the technique of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis than has been encountered in studies of serum transport proteins and erythrocyte enzymes with one-dimensional electrophoresis [26].
  • We have investigated the extent of genetic variation and the number of germ-line heavy-chain-variable (VH) genes to obtain information on the organization and repertoire of the VH genes [27].
  • Here, we demonstrate that genetic variation in the rate of thymic involution correlates with genetic variation in the responsiveness of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells to TGF-beta2 [28].
  • These findings support the hypothesis of a germinal center B cell-derived origin of NLPHL, indicate a significant role of BCL6 in the pathogenesis of NLPHL, and provide further evidence of the genetic diversity underlying the pathogenesis of NLPHL and cHL [29].

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