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Gene Review

glnD  -  uridylyltransferase

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK0165, JW0162
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Disease relevance of glnD

  • The purification was facilitated by the use of an E. coli strain which carries multiple copies of a ColE1-hybrid plasmid containing the glnD gene that encodes uridylyltransferase and which overproduces its synthesis by 25-fold [1].
  • In order to study the converter enzymes which exist in extremely low concentration, the glnD and glnE genes were cloned into a plasmid vector carrying the strong, regulatable lambda phage promoter [2].

High impact information on glnD

  • The recombinant DNA technology also enabled us to examine the transcriptional regulation of the glnD and glnE genes [2].
  • We report that chromosomal mini-Tn10 insertions situated after nucleotide number 997 or 1075 of glnD partially suppressed the osmosensitive phenotype of DeltaotsBA or otsA::Tn10 mutations (defective osmoregulatory trehalose synthesis) [3].


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