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Gene Review

LY86  -  lymphocyte antigen 86

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Ly-86, Lymphocyte antigen 86, MD-1, MD1, MMD-1, ...
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High impact information on LY86

  • RP105 is associated with MD-1 and transmits an activation signal in human B cells [1].
  • In transient transfection of RP105, the percentage of RP105-positive cells increased more than twice with the coexpression of MD-1 [2].
  • Here, we found that BCG-CWS activates human monocytes and concomitantly down-regulates expression of a human homologue of chicken MD-1 in the activated monocytes by differential display [3].
  • According to a previous study, MD-1 forms a complex with the Toll family protein RP-105 on murine B cell lines to facilitate its stable expression [3].

Anatomical context of LY86

  • Thus, MD-1 may participate in regulation of innate immune activation on human monocytes [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LY86

  • An association of these molecules was confirmed by immunoprecipitation with the anti-RP105 Ab and subsequent probing of the epitope tag on MD-1 [2].


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