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Gene Review

glnK  -  nitrogen assimilation regulatory protein...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK0444, JW0440, ybaI
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Disease relevance of glnK


High impact information on glnK

  • We describe a new operon, glnK amtB, which encodes a homologue of PII and a putative ammonia transporter [1].
  • Because of a NRI and a sigma N (sigma 54) RNA polymerase-binding consensus sequence upstream from the glnK gene, this suggests that glnK is regulated through the NRI/NRII two-component regulatory system [1].
  • GlnD catalyzes these reactions in response to high or low levels of cytoplasmic glutamine, respectively, and indirectly directs the expression of nitrogen-regulated genes, e.g., the glnK-amtB operon [2].
  • This was in contrast to the much-studied glnD99::Tn10 mutation, which carries its insertion in the 3' end of the gene, causes a complete repression of glnKp-lacZ expression under all growth conditions, and also confers leaky glutamine auxotrophy [2].
  • Because M. mazei GlnK1 was able to complement growth of an E. coli glnK mutant with arginine as the sole nitrogen source, it is likely that uridylylation is not required for its regulatory function [3].


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