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Gene Review

trkH  -  potassium transporter

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK3841, JW5576, sapJ
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Disease relevance of trkH

  • The analysis of mutants of Escherichia coli that require elevated concentrations of K+ for growth has revealed two new genes, trkG, near minute 30 within the cryptic rac prophage, and trkH, near minute 87, the products of which affect constitutive K+ transport [1].
  • The corrected sequence of the trkH gene of Escherichia coli predicts that the TrkH protein is a hydrophobic membrane protein of 483 amino acid residues, of which 41% are identical to those of the homologous and functionally analogous TrkG protein [2].

High impact information on trkH

  • Mutations in the three other genes implicated in Trk activity, trkE, trkG, and trkH, reduced or abolished the binding of TrkA to the membrane [3].
  • Two adjacent genes, named trkA (1,374 bp) and trkH (1,449 bp), were identified on an 8.5-kb DNA fragment, while a third gene, called trkI (1,479 bp), located at a different site in the H. elongata chromosome, was found on a second 8.5-kb fragment [4].
  • The deduced amino acid sequences of trkH and trkI showed significant identity to the transmembrane protein of Trk transporters [4].

Biological context of trkH

  • The kinetics of transport in strains with wild-type alleles at trkG and at trkH suggest that both products participate in transport [2].


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