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Gene Review

GCMVs1gp1  -  unidentified reading frame (AA 1-2252)

Grapevine chrome mosaic virus

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Disease relevance of GCMVs1gp1


High impact information on GCMVs1gp1

  • All three proteins encoded by GCMV RNA2 (viral coat protein, and the 44K and 46K proteins) were detected by immunoblotting in subcellular fractions prepared from the leaves of infected Chenopodium quinoa plants, confirming a previously proposed model of the GCMV RNA2-encoded polyprotein [4].
  • These RNAs are 3753 nt (GDefV) and 4607 nt (GARSV) in size and contain a single open reading frame encoding a polyprotein of 122 kDa (GDefV) and 150 kDa (GARSV) [5].


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