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Subcellular Fractions

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  • Two lines of independently derived PrPC gene-ablated (Prnp0/0) mice exhibit severe reductions in the copper content of membrane-enriched brain extracts and similar reductions in synaptosomal and endosome-enriched subcellular fractions [8].
  • Early data showed that styrene oxide hydrolase activity was associate with the microsomal subcellular fraction [9].
  • The protein binds to a particulate fraction derived from the islets and stimulates adenylate cyclase activity in this subcellular fraction, both phenomena being activated by ionized calcium [10].
  • Biogenesis of erythropoietin: evidence for pro-erythropoietin in a subcellular fraction of kidney [11].
  • The calculated apparent Km for NADPH was equivalent in the two fractions, but the Vmax was increased 2.5-fold in the subcellular fraction from LPS-pretreated cells [12].

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