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Gene Review

VGLL4  -  vestigial-like family member 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KIAA0121, Transcription cofactor vestigial-like protein 4, Vgl-4
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High impact information on VGLL4

  • In cardiac myocytes cultured in serum and in serum-free medium, a myc-tagged Vgl-4 protein was located in the nucleus and cytoplasm but was exported from the nucleus when cells were treated with alpha1-adrenergic receptor agonist [1].
  • These results suggest that Vgl-4 modulates the activity of TEF-1 factors and counteracts alpha1-adrenergic activation of gene expression in cardiac myocytes [1].
  • Nuclear export of Vgl-4 is dependent on the nuclear exportin CRM-1 [1].
  • Prediction of the coding sequences of unidentified human genes. IV. The coding sequences of 40 new genes (KIAA0121-KIAA0160) deduced by analysis of cDNA clones from human cell line KG-1 [2].
  • In this series of projects regarding the accumulation of sequence information of unidentified human genes, we newly deduced the sequences of 40 full-length cDNA clones of human cell line KG-1, and predicted the coding sequences of the corresponding genes, named KIAA0121 to 0160 [2].

Biological context of VGLL4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VGLL4


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