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Fovea Centralis

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High impact information on Fovea Centralis

  • The findings suggest that at the incipient fovea the GCL is hypoxic, supporting the hypothesis that the adaptive significance of the fovea centralis is in ensuring adequate oxygen supply to neuronal elements initially located within the avascular region [1].
  • The results support the conclusion that the density of cones in the fovea centralis of the dichromat is comparable to that of the color normal trichomat [2].
  • At 14 and 16 weeks' gestation (G14 and G16) in the human, S-IR cells were only found close to the putative fovea centralis, but by 18 weeks' gestation (G18), they were located in all retinal regions [3].
  • Flow and diffusion of indocyanine green and fluorescein dyes in the fovea centralis [4].


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