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Child Nutrition Disorders

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Disease relevance of Child Nutrition Disorders


High impact information on Child Nutrition Disorders

  • Herein, we examine characteristics and determinants of child malnutrition in the districts of Bara and Rautahat of the Terai region of Nepal. The sample studied consists of 510 rural children ranging in age from 3 to 10 yr [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: FM and FFM merit independent consideration in disorders of malnutrition in children, rather than expressing data as percentage body fat or percentage BMI [3].
  • These data suggest that anabolic effects of GH may be beneficial for treatment of malnutrition in children with CF [4].
  • JAMA patient page. Malnutrition in children [5].
  • To counter child malnutrition, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed to ensure that their children receive adequate macro- and micronutrients, including vitamin A. However, this assumes that the mother has sufficient vitamin A intake to provide enough vitamin A to her child [6].


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