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Audiometry, Speech

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Disease relevance of Audiometry, Speech

  • In general, ability to interpret test results unambiguously decreases as degree of hearing loss increases, especially for sensitive test procedures like ABR and speech audiometry [1].

High impact information on Audiometry, Speech

  • IMPLICATIONS: In this study, we demonstrate that sedation of healthy volunteers with the benzodiazepine midazolam, in the common clinical dosage, does not affect their hearing capability as measured by pure tone and speech audiometry [2].
  • This paper summarizes a series of four patients each who demonstrated normal audiometric (pure-tone and conventional speech audiometry) and/or ABR findings in the presence of surgically confirmed intracanalicular or cerebellopontine angle tumors [3].
  • Pure tone and speech audiometry were performed as early in the clinical course as possible; 7 ears demonstrated a sensorineural hearing loss and 7 ears a mixed loss [4].
  • Results of five diagnostic audiometric tests--(1) auditory, brain-stem response (ABR) audiometry, (2) the acoustic reflex (AR) test, (3) speech audiometry, (4) threshold Bekesy audiometry, and (5) supra-threshold adaptation test (STAT)--were examined in sixty cases of confirmed eighth nerve disorder [1].
  • Measurement of auditory function by pure tone, Bekesy and speech audiometry, and measurement of serum concentrations of sodium, potassium, urea, and glucose were performed preoperatively and postoperatively [5].


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