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High impact information on Masochism

  • Freud's notions of masochism, of fixation (innate or phylogenetic) may thus be renewed, leading to the analyst's capacity to cope with deep regression and borderline (Balint) psychosis and perversion (Lacan) or to psychosomatics, including epilepsy [1].
  • Masochism, originally described as sexual perversion by Sacher von Masoch, was elaborated by Freud to include personality pathology, and further developed by Bieber and others [2].
  • Until the advent of nicotine gum it has required either a research interest, financial reward, or a degree of masochism to remain for long at the sharp end of the business of helping people to give up smoking [3].
  • A discussion of "The Role of Primal Scene and Masochism in Asthma," by Cecilia Karol, M.D. Dr. Karol has described a relationship between primal scene experience, sadomasochism, and asthma [4].

Gene context of Masochism

  • Freud rested his final understanding of moral masochism (the masochistic character) upon the concept of the death-instinct [5].


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