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Dental Research

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Disease relevance of Dental Research

  • Root caries was measured according to the 1985 Adult Survey Diagnostic Criteria of the National Institute of Dental Research. When the individuals were segregated by their root DFS (decayed and filled surfaces) status into highest (> or = 7) and lowest (< or = 1) quartiles, the sucrose consumption was significantly higher in the higher DFS group [1].

High impact information on Dental Research

  • Neil Goldsworthy and his legacy: Sydney's Institute of Dental Research [2].
  • Discovering Canada's oral tradition: dental research in the second half of the 20th century. Part 2: Strengths, innovations, and new directions in dental research in Canada [3].
  • This potential demonstrates the comprehensiveness of the CSP No. 147 study design and its contributions to clinical dental research in the evaluation of restorative materials [4].
  • To elucidate the local situation, especially as regards the influence of sugar intake, appropriate studies, In association with dental research workers, were made on 16-17-year-old pupils in four South African ethnic groups-Back, Coloured, Indian and White [5].


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