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Relationship of diet to root caries.

A Nutrition and Oral Health Study was conducted on 141 middle-aged and elderly adults (54% female and 46% male; aged 47-83 y, mean = 67; 51% college educated; and 89% white). This study reports on the relationship between root caries and diet. Nutritional composition was derived from two 3-d food diaries. Root caries was measured according to the 1985 Adult Survey Diagnostic Criteria of the National Institute of Dental Research. When the individuals were segregated by their root DFS (decayed and filled surfaces) status into highest (> or = 7) and lowest (< or = 1) quartiles, the sucrose consumption was significantly higher in the higher DFS group. Mean energy consumption and mean number of teeth were the same in both groups. When the individuals were segregated by sucrose consumption into highest (> or = 89 g) and lowest (< or = 31 g) quartiles, DFS root status was significantly higher (P < 0.01) in the highest quartile group (7 g) vs the lowest group (4 g). By using data from subjects with two food diaries, a stepwise-linear-regression model for root caries showed that 4.2% of the variance for root caries was explained by sucrose, 2.8% by plaque, 3.8% by total number of teeth, and 5.6% by gingival recession. These data suggest that root caries has a similar dietary etiology to coronal caries.[1]


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